Do you use an app to access your banking information, pay bills or shop online? Secure cloud storage of your private information allows you to do these things. So if you trust your banking information to the cloud, why not your patient records? It’s time to take a hard look at how you are storing and protecting your records in your dental office. In 2019 alone, there were 3 major ransomware attacks, in the US, on multiple dental offices. The number of these attacks are continuing to rise. 

Suffering a data breach can cost millions, cause patients to lose trust in your office and move on to other dental practices, which could ultimately lead to bankruptcy. Physical storage is also susceptible to being destroyed due to natural disasters, resulting in a similar fate for your practice. Cloud-based practice management software eliminates the need to depend on in-house storage and enables businesses to keep their data secured on the cloud.

We’ve put together this comprehensive guide, from our blog archive, to help you understand  everything you need to know about the security of storing your dental practice records on the cloud: 

(It's best to read them in order as they get narrower in scope as the list progresses)

Evolution of Dental Practice Management Software: What Cloud Is?

Let’s start from the beginning, it’s important to know what the cloud is before diving into its security benefits. This blog defines a timeline and paints a picture of what was dental practice management, and what dental practice management is now.

How Cloud Technology is Disrupting the Dental Industry

This blog takes a closer look at cloud based practice management software. It also leads into cloud security and the benefits of having your data securely stored on the cloud.

Are you Safeguarding Your Dental Practice Data from Ransomware?

Now that you understand the difference between server based technology and cloud based technology, and we’ve dipped a bit into security, it’s time to really move into the meat of things. This piece addresses common security threats used against dental offices. It gives a brief explanation of these threats, goes on to discuss the risks of having a data breach, and explains how cloud security limits these risks and protects your data. 

What You Should Know about HIPAA Compliance and the Cloud

We’ve covered all the basics! Time to really get into the security benefits of the cloud. This blog takes you through the HIPAA compliance of the cloud and outlines your responsibilities for security when it comes to using a cloud based vendor for dental practice management software. You’ll notice a lot less is required from you than for server based softwares.

Why Cloud-Based Dental Software Protects Better from Cyber Attacks

Wondering why you should care about how cloud based software protects your data? Well, we have a blog for that too! This blog gets into the nitty gritty of why it's better to have your patient data stored in the cloud. It breaks down what technology is used and how it keeps your records secure. 

This common 1.5 Million dollar risk you may be taking with your practice will shock you!

If you’re still not convinced the cloud is more secure, here is what it could cost you if you’re not using the best technology to backup your records. This article goes over the common misconceptions of data security, and how a dental practice can be just one bad situation away from a huge loss of patient records (and money due to the hefty fine that comes with it). 

Why tab32

Finally, why is tab32 the best option for cloud based dental practice management software? Well, besides being a comprehensive platform with everything you need to run your practice in one place, we also operate on the best tech that exists today. We sit and code on the Google Infrastructure. It's highly secure (Google has deep pockets for security), and it's a very nimble technology stack that allows us to release updates quickly. 

Interested in learning more about this impressive technology? Click here for a blog that explains it all.

To top it off, we have some honorable mentions to help you in your journey:

I hope you have a better understanding of cloud security and found these articles helpful in your search. If you have more questions or are ready to see a demo of tab32, please use this link to contact our solutions representatives or click below.

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