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The Only True Cloud-Based All-In-One System

X-Ray Imaging Platform, Charting, Patient Engagement, Billing, and Payment

Intuitive Easy To Use Charting
Experience the difference when using a charting software designed by dentists for dentists
Read X-Rays Alongside Charts
Work easier with all your charting and X-Rays on the same page
Easy To Read Progress Notes
Reduce time and clicks through a responsive interface
Intuitive Treatment Planning
No more manually calculating downgrades

Dental Practice Management At Its Best

Manage Patient Engagement Easily and Efficiently 



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Industry's ONLY Datawarehouse Solution



The Power Of tab32 Data Warehouse
  • Clear and easy analytics visibility
  • 90 built-in reports to instantly save practices money
  • Reports on executive, managerial, and operational reporting
  • Customizable reports for your practice needs

  • Aggregated data across multiple locations
  • Big Querry = Long Term Cost Efficiencies
  • Compatible with: Tableau, Microsoft BI, Google Data Studios, Looker
  • Works with all practice management software
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Increase Patient Reviews

Manage brand and reputations

Harness the power of positive reviews. tab32 software allows patients to easily post reviews and easily spread the word across all social media platforms.
A positive online reputation is key for practice growth. 80% of patients use online reviews to evaluate dentists.
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How tab32 Compares With Others?

  tab32 Dentrix EagleSoft Open Dental Practiceworks Softdent
Curb-Side Check In
Teledenistry / Video
Patient Reminders
Business Analytics
Online Appointments
Patient Portal
Caller Id & 2 Way Texting
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Our Customer Testimonials

tab32 is a very strong asset for our Dental practice in terms of operational and patient communications - reminders, appointment confirmation, automated recalls & surveys. Being Cloud software, it has provided me the flexibility to finish off day early sometimes and get back to it later in the evening or week ends, has complete auditing. The User Interface is a total upgrade and intuitive compare with traditional server based age old software.

- Ebony M, Office Manager

Everything you need is built in so you don't have to pay for add ons - patient 2 way communication, text confirmations, e-forms, e-claims, automatic statements, online booking, etc.

- Anna C., Dentist

Cloud based; very flexible and can be adapted to most any situation. Tablets work great. The Hello Patient features are unmatched.

- Lee H., Consultant

Ease of use. The all inclusive nature of the software - appointment reminders, verifications, billing -- it's an all in one experience.

- Janice K., Owner DDS

The software has all the features you will need to manage/ start your business, plus they have great online support to help with your needs.ALL THE FEATURES ON THIS PROGRAM, FOR MY BUSINESS TO SUCCEED.


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tab32 platform is tailored
to your unique needs

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