I get it all the time…

 “I need a sandbox (trial) before I can move forward.” 

“I need to touch the technology in order to understand it.” 

Don’t just look for a replacement of your existing “Practice Management”. Instead, add strategic thinking of what value a modern system could provide beyond just practice management. Consider how it can help grow your business, bring efficiencies, and deliver repeatedly consistent, patient centered, care inside and outside, digitally.

Sandboxes and trials make sense for simple products, which can provide instant gratification, such as phone apps, gaming apps, or CRM to send mass emails but not for something as complex as a “truly cloud-based” practice management platform, especially within healthcare needs where HITECH and HIPAA are a must, besides proper BAA agreements. 

Practice management software is a complex enterprise product; without proper training and set-up, an enterprise product can feel intimidating to users.

Complex cloud deployments, like tab32’s platform, require deeply involved provisioning of kubernetes, stack, node, big-table, big-query, data storage provisioning, api integration of voip, texting, email messaging, payment gateways or similar cloud equivalents besides ensuring security and compliance, which consumes lots of resource man hours.

Besides complex deployment, cloud multi-tenant platforms, like tab32, manage over 100 million dollars in practice production with rigorous bank grade security and compliance in place, which makes it extremely challenging to provide a demo due to the security and compliance risks involved without proper contracts and BAA agreements.

Further, without sufficient setup and data, you can not simulate real life experiences in a short time. Set-up includes business decisions and processes many dental offices may not have even thought about because they weren’t available until now. Examples of this are: collecting payment for an appointment possibly before the patient comes in, sending automated patient forms, or automating membership plans and payments.

A demo can simulate these big picture workflows because an experienced user (such as an account executive) is leading you through, and you can see the value in streamlined processes, increased book appointments, speedier clinical execution and growing cash flow. 

Streamlined processes and revenue discovery aren’t found in what button takes you here or there. This is strategic planning which takes training, community and communication.  A sandbox (trial) will, ultimately, feel overwhelming and not give you the piece of mind you are seeking. 

Practice management is a long-term commitment. The type of cloud-based technology tab32 sits on allows us to adapt to an ever changing world. Just like when purchasing a house or a car (things you can’t try out for a week before you buy), the most important question to ask should be “how will this purchase affect me (or my business) for years to come?” not “what can it do for me today?”

A sandbox environment hinders critical thinking and growth because it keeps us stuck in the weeds, concerned about “what can it do for me today?” instead of seeing what it will do for you tomorrow.  Of course identify your must-haves, your needs, and come to the table with your wants. In a community, like tab32, we will listen to you, and we will work together to not only find solutions but innovate them. 

As you embark on your search for the best practice management software, here are some big picture, strategic questions you can ask yourself?

  • How much has the company innovated in the last 10 years? If they haven’t, what does that say about their long term existence?
  • How do their clients and their employees speak about them? What values do they drive home?
  • Can their workflows improve my bottomline, in the long run, and relieve my staff of unnecessary, tedious tasks?
  • How can it improve my patients’ experience in and outside of my dental practice?

tab32 is fully incorporated with its own communication directly integrated into the PMS. Hello Patient, and tab32 EHR were strategically designed together. Along with our claims management, user and patient experience, these are our top priorities. We update constantly and are always looking to be on the forefront of patient care technology.

Our top values are: 

Patient First

Community and Partnership 

Innovation in Design and Execution 

Humble Transparency

Every design aspect of our platform has the patient at the center. We feel, and studies show that, this is the direction that all medicine and other industries are going. We also believe that, when the patient is at the center, it’s a win win for us and for our providers.

Increased care = increased revenue.

When I say “care” I mean holistically, across the entire continuum. Not investing a bunch of dollars in billboards and only tracking our “New Patient” numbers.

How are you making decisions in your organization?

Sandboxes and free trials seem helpful, but if we apply just a touch of critical thinking, we know it cannot simulate real world experiences or value due to limited data and training. You only want to make this decision once, so you need to look at how the software will fit into your practice long term. tab32 is built to be that long term solution. Book a call below to learn more.

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