How to Build the Right Team for Your Dental Practice

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February 28, 2020 | 2 min read

Building a team for your dental practice can be hard, but building the right team will help your practice be more successful!

Our customers Alfons and Dr. Kaso, who own a booming/ successful practice that they opened less than a year ago, talk about the challenges they faced when first building their team. They explain how they remedied those challenges and what they are doing now to make sure their team is as efficient and successful as they can be. Watch the video below to hear the story!


Being dedicated to creating the right team can come with some hard decisions. In another video, our customer Dr. Kaeley discusses why it is important to let go of toxic team members. She goes over the effects it can have on other team members, patients and the overall practice environment.


Once you find the right team, you want to make sure they are using their time as effectively as possible to help the practice grow. Schedule a call with our Accounts team today to see how tab32 can help you achieve this!

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