With increasing competition, today’s dental practices need to adapt quickly to fast-evolving patient expectations.

Thanks to the pricing transparency and the similarity of services, you need to go beyond the clinical workflow in order to acquire and retain more patients.

The key to growth is to understand the consumer mindset and use the latest dental management and patient communication technologies to extend the patient experience beyond the four walls of your clinic and cultivate long-term patient-provider relationships online and offline. Here’s how:

1. Adopt a Patient-Centered Approach

Leveraging the right technologies can help you build a patient-centered practice [ link to blog 1 ] to improve patient outcomes, enhance your reputation, foster trust, and streamline workflow for increased operational cost-efficiency.

Implementing a cloud-based patient management platform can help you create an outstanding online patient experience by increasing engagement pre-visit and building relationships post-treatment.

See why you need a patient-centered dental practice and how to leverage online tools to coordinate care and deliver the right information at the right time to improve patient satisfaction, here.

2. Improve Cash Flow With Online Payment Processing

As more consumers are accustomed to paying their bills online, many expect their service providers to offer the same level of convenience.

Online payment processing not only helps you meet consumer expectations and retain more patients but also eliminates cumbersome paperwork so you can streamline operations and get paid faster.

See how you can use an all-in-one dental practice management platform to integrate EHR, billing, and patient communications for seamless workflows that minimize errors and improve operational cost-efficiency while improving the patient experience, here. 

3. Increase Booking With an Online Scheduling Tool

The new generation of consumers prefers to schedule service appointments online from anywhere and at any time rather than calling the provider.

Offering an online booking feature [ link to blog 3 ] on your website can help capture more new patients and reduce the number of phone calls to your office so your staff can focus on other revenue-generating activities.

Learn how to increase booking with an online scheduler and how to select the best scheduling software for your dental practice, here.

4. Improve Patient Retention With Post-Op Communications

Patient retention is the key to sustainable and profitable growth. Delivering an outstanding postoperative experience can help you increase patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Using an online patient communication platform allows you to deliver targeted post-op information at the right time so patients are more likely to follow the instructions and return for follow-up visits.

See how you can deliver a seamless personalized post-op patient experience at scale to optimize patient outcomes, improve patient satisfaction, and increase retention rates here. [ link to blog 4 ]

5. Embrace Consumerism In Dentistry

Giving patients what they want when they want it helps you meet their expectations and stand out in today’s consumer-driven economy.

Patients demand more than dental treatment – they want convenience, on-demand care, streamlined experience, short wait time, and the ability to manage their patient-provider relationships online from anywhere and at any time.

See how you can use the latest patient communication and practice management technologies to deliver convenient and responsive service in the right place and at the right time to improve patient satisfaction and outcomes, here.

6. Create an Outstanding Online First Impression

If you’re spending your marketing dollars on PPC and SEO to drive traffic to your website, you have to maximize your ROI by making sure that your website is converting visitors into patients.

Consumers form an opinion about your practice in just a few seconds based on what they see on your website – is it giving them the right information, inspiring trust, and encouraging them to book an appointment?

See how you can optimize your website for conversion, project a patient-attractive image, and improve patient engagement with the right online tools, here.

7. Build Trust and Credibility With Online Reviews

Social proof is a key factor that affects consumers’ decisions. Positive reviews on your practice can help attract more patients from online sources such as search engine results, social media, and third-party review sites.

To leverage the power of word-of-mouth marketing, you need to actively gather feedback from your patients and share positive reviews online to attract high-quality traffic.

See how you can build a stellar online reputation and implement an online review strategy to drive growth, here.

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