Streamline Your Pediatric Dental Practice’s Intra-Office Communication with Cloud Software

Kiltesh Patel
November 1, 2022 | 4 min read

Patient communication is a high priority in almost every health care practice, but especially in a pediatric dental office. The average practice staff spends over an hour every day tracking down check-up-dentist-doctors-1170979coworkers to find important information.

Get everyone in your pediatric dental practice on the same page with intra-office communication software. You can communicate with your team discreetly and without interruption, send two-way messages between workstations, call for assistance, summon a provider, and discreetly relate any sensitive information.

Simplify and optimize your intra-office communication so you can focus on doing what you do best — serving your pediatric dental patients and their parents. Having a transparent flow of communication can also lead to a huge boost in productivity and keep staff turnover to a minimum.

Here are some important ways an efficient intra-office communication system can benefit pediatric and other types of dental practices.

Simplify team communication for a better patient experience

Transparency within intra-office communication supports loyalty and trust between the employees and management. Since the front desk staff doesn’t have to spend time chasing down people, they can spend their time on other administrative tasks. From the patient perspective, it looks unprofessional for staff to shout up and down the hall to communicate about other patients. By sharing messages discreetly through software, patients are unaware that anything is happening behind the scenes, which offers a more personalized experience for each patient.

Pediatric dental care is a specialty of dentistry that relies on creating positive experiences at an early age as a vital part of a child’s long-term oral health. According to The  American  Academy of  Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) the dentist’s attitude, body language, and communication skills are critical for gaining trust from the child and parent. With intra-office communication software, messages can be broadcast to every desktop computer or device in the office and sent to a particular provider or location. These communications are immediate, discrete, and secure so you can focus on providing personalized patient care.

Keep important tasks from falling through the cracks

Intra-office communication software can be a powerful way to improve collaboration between hygienists and dentists. For example, during a hygiene appointment, the hygienist can take note of anything that looks like it may need further investigation by the dentist. The hygienist can mention this to the patient, and also discreetly convey the information to the dentist through the intra-office communication tool.

The hygienist can also relay useful findings to other staff members through intra-office communication software. When the hygienist continues to interact with the patient, the dentist or front desk staff can work on finding answers to any questions that require research, such as the cost of a dental filling under the patient's insurance plan.

Reduce patient turnover and catch mistakes before they happen

Efficient intra-office communication reduces mistakes, increases productivity, improves time management, and boosts office morale. Operating and maintaining a pediatric dental practice can require attracting even more patients than an adult practice because the average revenue generated per patient can be less. Enhancing communication among parents, children, dentists, and the staff builds trust and confidence that lasts for a lifetime of checkups.

Intra-office communication software can help arm your team with real-time, accurate, and actionable data. This way your clinical and administrative teams can take charge of today, review what happened yesterday, and plan for tomorrow. tab32’s cloud-based dental practice management software not only supports effective intra-office communication but also delivers relevant data from multiple reports into a single application. You can check your production, adjustments, collections, and new patient count by day, month, or year on a single screen and with a single tap.


Saving time is an essential requirement for most dental practices. With being constantly busy, any extra time can be spent completing the task that would otherwise not get done as quickly. Providing office staff with a place to communicate with each other, either through group messaging or direct messages to a specific team member or location can help your team share information more efficiently.

tab32’s dental practice management software can help your team make better use of their time interacting with the patients in the office. Practices with an effective intra-office communication tool that connects employees are also more likely to have a turnover level below industry standards. To learn more about how you can integrate intra-office communication software into your practice, check out a free demo of tab32’s cloud dental software today.

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