We built tab32 because we believe that current technology isn’t serving patients. At this very moment, many in the industry are experiencing the economic impacts of having vulnerable patient data siloed on in-office servers (here is a link to the potential security risks of server based technologies). However, this is a conversation that goes much deeper than COVID-19; it is a conversation around having a disaster readiness plan for your business.

Hopefully, we start a conversation about the future. In the meantime, you need solutions, whether you are a tab32 client or not. As members of the dental community and contributors to the dental healthcare system, we wanted to offer some short-term solutions and helpful resources for dentists who are struggling to communicate with their patients and aren’t able to access medical records, during these uncertain times.

Solutions for emergency tele-dentistry:

Enroll in Google Enterprise. 

This will help you telecommunicate with your patients securely and with video. This is a very affordable solution. Practice Management Software is a long term solution. We would love to help you navigate that decision making process, but in the meantime, you need a solution for your practice. 

Mail Chimp. 

Get an exportable list of patients and start a newsletter. This will help you educate patients about your practice. 

Use this time to focus on billing. 

Many offices in this country fall behind in billing. This is a great opportunity, to identify patients who are still working and try to drive revenue while in-office visits are on hold. 

Have you identified your ideal production day? Week? 

Spend some time working out the financial impact of not working for a couple weeks or a month. How can we fine tune our production schedule so that we can hit the ground running once we are back in the office? A platform like tab32 will help you set-up online booking so that you can fill your schedule in your downtime. 

Get Organized.

This is a great opportunity for all of us to evaluate our processes around production, collection and spending.  Where can you grow production? Can you implement processes that will increase production per appointment once the dust settles? 

Financial Projections 

Where can you cut costs and consolidate? Put your monthly fixed costs for things like software and IT maintenance into an Excel document (this way you are truly comparing apples to apples; platforms like tab32 consolidate your 3rd party vendors ) and multiply those costs over three years. What does it look like if we multiply it by five?

Learn from this disaster. 

What do you wish you had in place prior to the disaster? What kind of leadership will you need to support your patients, your staff and your own families? Here are some core areas to look at:

  • Assess risk
  • Focus on prevention
  • Keep an updated list of emergency contact numbers
  • Create backup copies of critical data, business records and programs

We hope this list helps ease some stress. For our current clients, tab32 has brought key features forward with a button that shows up immediately when opening the platform. This gives our clients quick access to mass emailing and text messaging so they can quickly communicate with patients about closures, cancellations, and keep them updated on changes. We’re able to do this because we sit on a cloud infrastructure. A server software would never be able to implement a change so quickly in an ever evolving situation. 

Our technical founders are experts in medical technology working out of the University of California; they have high level experience in medical informatics, security and engineering, as well as working with the UC hospitals.

We will continue to provide more content and resources as we learn more about the situation.

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