Why Use an Online Booking API for Your Dental CRM

August 31, 2023 | 3 min read

DSOs face immense competition in today’s market. To differentiate your brand and attract more business, you must deliver a modern patient experience — from the moment prospects come across your practice (e.g., via an online search) and their first visits to follow-up appointments and ongoing care.

But how to connect the dots to deliver a seamless experience that meets today’s consumer expectations? 

Many dental practices already use customer relationships management (CRM) systems to help them nurture long-term relationships. But there’s often a disconnect between the appointment-setting workflow and the CRM platform to capture all the necessary patient information and leverage it to inform ongoing patient communications.

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) allow you to integrate online booking software with your CRM system to deliver a seamless patient experience — connecting the logistics of appointment scheduling with the emotional elements of relationship building. Let’s look at how you can take advantage of this technology. 

The Benefits of Online Scheduling and CRM Software

Online booking software allows patients to schedule appointments on your website at their convenience. You can capture more new patients (e.g., via off-hour bookings) and make it easy for returning patients to book their follow-up or re-care visits. The added convenience can help you increase patient retention and improve treatment outcomes.

Automating scheduling also frees up your staff to focus on serving patients and delivering care instead of managing the calendar and playing phone tags. When you use tab32’s online booking features, you can also automate appointment confirmations and reminders to increase patient engagement and minimize no-shows.

A CRM platform helps you manage patient information (e.g., contact details, appointment history, preference, etc.) and send personalized communications to nurture long-term relationships. The technology can help you deliver a seamless patient experience, improve continuity of care, and foster patient loyalty.

CRM software is a critical component in your dental marketing toolkit. For example, it allows you to segment your patient based on demographics, treatment history, or other criteria and send customized marketing messages or offers to drive sales. You can also track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as patient acquisition and lifetime value to inform your marketing strategy. 

Better Together: Integrating Online Booking and CRM 

An API integration connecting online booking software with CRM platforms allows dental practices to further streamline workflow and augment the patient experience:

Personalize the Patient Experience

When a new patient makes an appointment online, you can collect their information (e.g., contact details, demographic data, preferences, challenges, etc.) and use an API connection to automatically create a profile on your CRM system to track all patient interactions and support seamless interactions. The consolidated communication history also helps dentists deliver a personalized and patient-centric experience during visits.

Sync Patient Data in Real-Time

An API allows you to sync data from your online booking software with your CRM system in real time to streamline workflows and minimize errors and miscommunications. Automation eliminates the need to manually  transfer data between systems — a time-consuming, labor-intensive, and error-prone process — to help you lower cost and improve efficiency.

Enhance Marketing and Patient Retention

You can use data from your online scheduling software, including booking history and preferences, to inform your marketing strategy. For example, you can segment your list and send targeted communications to stay on the radar and build trust over time. The personalized, relevant experience helps increase patient loyalty, retention, and lifetime value. 

A Robust Online Booking API For Your CRM

Ready to supercharge your CRM with an online booking component? tab32’s API gives you access to our comprehensive online booking features and allows you to integrate them work seamlessly with your current CRM or dental practice management platform. 

Our API makes it a breeze for patients to schedule appointments on your website. You can program automated confirmation, reminders, and notifications via email or text to connect with patients throughout their dental journey to increase patient engagement and reduce no-shows.

Schedule a demo to see how our online booking API integration can help you streamline administrative tasks, minimize errors, and free up staff time for meaningful patient interactions and care delivery.

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