Top 5 Time-saving Workflows For Dental Office Managers

May 25, 2023 | 3 min read

Dental office managers have a lot on their plate. Anything that can save them time and effort is a great way to improve your practice’s cost-efficiency and patient experience. You have heard of automation and the benefits of putting tasks and workflows on autopilot. But with so many processes happening under your nose, where to begin?

Here are the top 5 time-saving workflows that any dental office manager can use:

1. Patient Reminders Automation

Patient communication takes up a lot of an office manager’s time, especially if they have to call each patient to remind them about an upcoming appointment, recare visit, or incomplete treatment. Plus, the manual nature of the process means something may fall through the cracks, which translates into no-shows and missed revenue opportunities.

Use a dental practice management platform that allows you to automate online scheduling, confirmations, reminders, and even digital intake forms via text or email. tab32 is an all-in-one dental software that integrates EHR, scheduling, revenue discovery, and patient communications for the most seamless workflows and patient experience.

2. E-claim Submission

Claim submission and tracking, when done manually, is a cumbersome and time-consuming process for dental office managers. These tasks are also error-prone, and you may not know about the rejection until days after a submission, delaying payment and hurting your cash flow.

An e-claim feature in a practice management platform allows you to process submissions digitally. You’ll know about any issues within 24 hours and make the necessary corrections immediately. Also, you can track all the pending claims to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

tab32’s billing module also allows practices to submit and manage all their claims from a single dashboard and attach treatment information directly from the EHR to ensure data integrity. Office managers don’t have to spend time logging into different vendor and payer portals, further improving operational efficiency. 

3. Two-way Patient Communication

The dental office manager is often the first person patients speak to when they contact your practice. They must build trust by having empathic, meaningful two-way communication with patients to understand their concerns and respond to their questions.

But your office manager can only talk to one person at a time on the phone. How do you scale up their superpower and provide prompt responses to more patients? What if someone else has to pick up the conversation — how do they understand the situation without asking the patient to start from the beginning?

Cloud dental software with two-way patient communication capabilities allows everyone in your office to see all patient interactions, whether via phone, email, or text, in one place. Any team member can pick up where the conversation left off without missing a beat. 

4. Patient Profile Tabbing

Office managers spend a lot of time pulling together patient files before each appointment. They often get buried in paper records or sometimes miss out on information. There’s a better way to save time while ensuring that dentists have everything they need at each appointment.

tab32’s patient profile tabbing feature allows office managers to get all the patient records for the day organized and ready to go every morning with just a few clicks. No more scattered paperwork or scrambling to gather files right before an appointment. 

5. Standard of Care (SOC) Tool

Another way to help office managers better prepare for each patient visit without missing critical information or production opportunities is by implementing a standard of care. The care-driven revenue discovery approach creates a win-win situation where you can increase patient retention and lifetime value while improving treatment outcomes.

But manually combing through patient records and sending reminders is time-consuming and labor-intensive. The good news is that you can put the workflow on autopilot using our Revenue Discovery module.

The software not only identifies incomplete treatment and additional production opportunities. You can also send automated reminder emails with an online scheduling link to take the entire follow-up process off the office manager’s plate. Moreover, our tool is family-aware to help you strengthen relationships with your patients and drive revenue.

These 5 time-saving workflows are just the tip of the iceberg — we have many more handy tips and tricks up our sleeves! Request a demo to see how we can turn your office manager into a superhuman 🙂

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