tab32 is the ONLY Authentic All-in-One Cloud Dental Software, Here's Why:

Melissa LuVisi
June 18, 2020 | 2 min read

What do dental third party vendors have in common with social media? 

Before joining tab32 and the dental industry a few years ago, I worked in social media. It was like the wild west. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all started their own mini economies. Third party vendors and apps built entire businesses and technologies around these platforms as marketing tools. 

The Problem? 

All Instagram or any other platform has to do is change one line of code and third party apps depending on their platform are out of business. 

How does this apply to dental? A well known X-Ray Imaging Software was recently bought by a well known cloud practice management software that a competing cloud software depended on as their X-Ray solution...we won’t name names, but we’ll let them figure that mess out. 

tab32 was built by visionaries who are skilled healthcare technologists with decades of experience. From the beginning, they knew a truly all-in-one solution is a platform built from the ground up. tab32 is dependent only on our own innovation and community. 

Since its inception, tab32 has always addressed the core areas of a dental practice. Here’s a press release from four years ago outlining our truly all-in-one dental practice management solution for dental practice growth and efficiency, on truly cloud based technology. 

Years later other cloud softwares are scrambling to piece together their solutions.

Isn’t it obvious? tab32 is and has been the ONLY truly authentic all-in-one solution.All-in-one SolutionAs technology leaders, we will continue to innovate! We aren’t re-creating the best business practices of the 1980’s; we are re-imagining them, so our practices can collect faster, empower employees and provide excellent patient care. 

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