Modernize Your Dental Practice with the Best Dental Imaging Software

June 15, 2023 | 3 min read

Dental radiology is an essential diagnostic tool. However, managing a growing number of image files has put a burden on many dental offices — complicating workflows, increasing storage costs, and causing human errors.

Advanced dental imaging software, like tab32’s Imaging Studio™, is revolutionizing radiology. The technology helps practices implement efficient patient-first workflows to streamline operations and improve diagnostic accuracy.

Let’s explore the advantages of using dental imaging software and the features you should look for when selecting a solution.

Why Should I Use Cloud-Based Dental Imaging Software?

Dental imaging software digitizes patient records and X-ray images so you can store and find them easily to improve operational efficiency. The information is automatically linked to patient EHRs to simplify workflows and minimize errors. 

A cloud-based solution also allows you to update the files in real-time so team members from different locations can access patient information simultaneously to enhance collaboration. Meanwhile, automation capabilities can reduce the time and effort spent on administrative tasks so your staff can focus on delivering an outstanding patient experience.

Additionally, dental imaging software helps improve dental diagnostic accuracy and treatment outcomes. You can see detailed images of the teeth and gums, compare those taken over time side-by-side to catch potential problems early and use analytics to facilitate treatment planning.

Moreover, you can present patients with the images alongside their charts to educate them about their conditions and discuss treatment options. The information helps them make informed decisions, have less anxiety about the procedures, and become more motivated to comply with treatment plans.

What’s Included in Advanced Dental Imaging Software?

Dental imaging software is a must-have for modern dental practices, but not all solutions are created equal. Here’s why many dentists prefer tab32’s Imaging Studio:

Image Capture and Filters

Imaging Studio offers customizable capturing and sequence support (i.e., not limited to a single photo). It should allow you to take different types of images and use filters to present relevant information to your patients. You can take panos, X-rays, and photos and define templates such as 2-BW, 4-BW, 3-PA, Ortho Profile, and FMX.

You can present the best views to educate patients about their conditions and discuss treatment options. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words — the images can help you improve communications and build patient trust.

Image Manipulation and Annotation

Imaging Studio provides intuitive editing capabilities to help you examine specific details. It allows you to perform 360-degree rotation, zoom, sharpen, measure, contrast, and mirror operations with simple drag-and-drop tools.

Additionally, you can annotate directly on the radiograph to track measurements or note details. You can then sync the information with the patient records. You don’t have to transcribe notes, saving time and avoiding errors that could affect treatment outcomes.

Sensor and Equipment Agnostic

Most dental imaging software is sold with sensors as a bundle and only works with the tools that come with it. The closed system limits you to equipment from the same manufacturer — you can’t add or switch technology to meet evolving needs.

On the other hand, tab32 is compatible with the open-source TWAIN technology and can be connected with any sensor, pano, or tool. The equipment-agnostic platform gives you the flexibility and scalability to grow your practice.

Streamlined Claim Submission

Imaging Studio syncs seamlessly with your dental practice management software (PMS) and patient EHR. You can add new patients and details and sync them with the PMS in real-time.

As an all-in-one dental practice management platform, tab32 can directly attach X-rays, pano, or photos to claims without third-party software or integration. The seamless process helps you get your claims right every time for faster reimbursements. 

The Best Dental Imaging Software for Modern Practices

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what tab32 users say about Imaging Studio:

"The software is intuitive where every functionality like progress notes, forms, medical history, and X-rays are a click away, making documentation a breeze. I can access patient charts and X-rays from home or while traveling. Also, I am a big fan of their integrated HelloPatient™ system within the EHR function.”

Dental imaging is an indispensable tool for any dental practice. tab32’s Imaging Studio helps you streamline workflows, improve efficiency, enhance patient communications, and improve treatment outcomes. Learn more about our robust features and schedule a demo to see the software in action.

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