Make Your Dental Office Managers Happy: Solve These 4 Problems

May 11, 2023 | 3 min read

Dental office managers are the glue that holds everything together. They check in patients, pick up the phone, schedule appointments, handle invoicing, and file claims. Without them, workflows fall apart, and chaos ensues.

Your office manager knows the ins and outs of your practice — you don’t want to lose them. Making their life easier will not only help you run a more cost-efficient business. It also prevents your MVP from running for the hills!

Let’s start by solving these 4 main complaints from dental office managers. 

1. Server Going Down

On-premise servers go down for (too) many reasons. Hardware may just stop working, or Joe the IT intern spills coffee on the equipment. Whatever the cause, many business workflows will grind to a halt if your server throws in the towel. 

Imagine a few hours when email doesn’t work, patient EHRs aren’t available, and nobody can access their schedule. Your office manager must scramble to keep it all together, and that’s not a fun job.

Make the problem go away

It’s a matter of when, not if, an on-premise server encounters issues. If you’re lucky, you may fix it in a few hours. If you have to replace the hardware, your office manager may have to hold down the fort with pen and paper for days, then manually transfer everything into the new system.

Get rid of the time bomb, aka on-premise server, with cloud-based dental software like tab32. Since you don't need any on-site equipment, you can eliminate the risk of costly downtime caused by server issues. Even if the internet goes down, you can access our platform via hotspots or iPad data plans without missing a beat.

2. Never-ending Calls

How much time does your dental office manager spend on the phone scheduling, confirming, rescheduling, and reminding patients about their appointments? Now add phone tags and voice messages — how do they even get anything else done?

Your office manager doesn’t want to spend endless hours on the phone or play Tetris on the calendar. Don’t they have better things to do, like delivering a great patient experience and making sure claims get paid?

Make the problem go away

Here’s the good news — while some people still want to call a dental office to book a visit (and you should give them the option to do so), most patients prefer to do so via an online scheduling application. 

In fact, you can put the entire patient scheduling workflow on autopilot by using a patient communication module on your practice management platform to send automated appointment confirmations and reminders via text or email. 

3. Missing or Duplicate Fee Schedules

Any dental practices that have been around for a while probably have this problem: Multiple fee schedules sitting in the system. Your dental office manager can’t tell which is the most recent and has to spend hours sorting through the pile. The problem worsens if you have multiple locations, each with a few fee schedules in the on-prem server.

Finding the latest fee schedule may be frustrating, but using an outdated one is worse: Filing claims incorrectly, payments getting held up, collecting the wrong fees, and having mistakes in your financial statements — leading to more headaches down the road.

Make the problem go away

Ease of use is the name of the game. Don’t make your office manager jump through hoops just to dig up the latest information. Make sure your fee schedules are easy to find and update by having a master copy in a centralized location to avoid junking up the system with duplicates.

Use cloud dental software as a centralized repository for all your business documents to eliminate version control headaches. Everyone can be sure they’re on the same page and are using the latest information.

4. Claim Submissions Nightmares

Don’t make your office manager lick envelopes and mail out paperwork for claims via snail mail! The manual process is not only time-consuming. It’s also error-prone — it could take weeks before you find out a claim is filed incorrectly, and you need to do it all over again.

No office manager makes matching EHRs and dental images with claim forms, tracking pending claims, logging into multiple vendor and payer portals, and getting paper cuts their favorite pastime. It’s time to upgrade your claim process.

Make the problem go away

tab32’s dental billing module makes filing e-claims a breeze. Office managers can link patient records and X-ray images on the platform with each claim to streamline workflows and minimize mistakes. They can also submit all claims from one place instead of logging into multiple portals. 

Moreover, they get notified about rejections or issues within 24 hours instead of days later to fix the problem and resubmit the claim. The results? You get the claims right every time and get paid faster. 

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