How To Sell Your Dental Services with Integrity

Melissa LuVisi
March 25, 2021 | 3 min read

Many dentists are reluctant to sell their services because they either think they don't need to because "everyone needs a dentist, right?" or because they have the misconception that they have to be sleazy and pushy. But that’s far from the truth.

Before we talk about how to sell with integrity, let’s make sure you don’t make these common mistakes:

  • Lack of strategy: You can’t just throw spaghetti on the wall and hope something will stick. You need to define a sales strategy and create a framework, so you can repeat the success and make your process as efficient as possible.
  • Not tracking your numbers: “What gets measured gets done” — if you don’t understand your numbers, you won’t know what’s effective, so that you can focus your time and resources on doing more of what works.
  • Not understanding the market: You need to speak to the needs and challenges of your prospects to turn them into patients. A good grasp of consumer psychology can help you effectively position your offerings. 
  • Having a scarcity mindset: This causes you to make business decisions based on fears and lack of trust. On the other hand, when you treat your patients with honesty, transparency, and sincerity, you'll gain their trust.

How To Sell Dentistry with Integrity

Successful selling is a combination of the right mindset and a clear process. Here’s how you can sell your dental service with honesty, integrity, and confidence:

1. Overcome Your Misconceptions

Many dentists assume patients can’t afford dental treatments during this uncertain time. But this is far from the truth. Many consumers actually have more disposable income, and they’re willing to spend the money if you can show how your services can benefit them. In fact, many of the dentists in our tab32 community are experiencing an uptick in demand.

The dental market has a lot of growth potential: A dental patient goes into an emergency room every 14 seconds, yet most of these emergencies can be handled in a dental office, and teledentistry can triage 90% of emergencies. Meanwhile, 50% of Americans don’t go to the dentist regularly. Stop operating from a place of scarcity, which prevents you from seeing opportunities.

2. Change Your Perception of “Selling”

Many people associate selling with being pushy and sleazy, but that isn’t true. You’re providing a valuable service, and it’s your responsibility to make sure that more people get the treatments they need. Selling is about listening, communicating, and problem-solving — if you have a suitable solution that addresses a challenge, people will happily pay you for it.

Before proposing a treatment, you need to understand what your patients want. Take the time to discuss their concerns and fears. Also, find out what may be holding them back from taking action so you can address their objections. Then you can recommend the best treatment options.

The most important thing is to make sure that you’re making recommendations in your patients’ best interest. For example, by balancing the most comprehensive course of action with what’s most urgent at the moment to help patients prioritize their budgets. When patients feel that you’re on their side, they’re more likely to work with you.

3. Close with Confidence

This may sound counterintuitive, but you shouldn't offer patients too many treatment options. While you can educate them about various choices, you should propose one recommendation that’s best for them. This will instill confidence in your patients and encourage them to take action. 

As you’re closing the sales conversation, you should reiterate how your recommendation will solve the patient’s challenges, and the benefits of taking action. Don’t geek out on the technicalities of the procedure! Instead, speak to each patient’s unique circumstances and how the treatment will enhance their lives. 

Sometimes, patients need a friendly nudge to take action. You can offer incentives to create a win-win situation. For example, a discount if the patient commits within 24 hours or pays in full (which also helps make sure they’ll complete the treatment and get the desired results.)


Selling is an essential part of running a dental practice — without sales, you won’t have a business to run! However, you don’t have to be pushy and sleazy. When you lead with the patients’ best interest in mind and focus on helping them find the right solution, you’ll be able to make more sales effortlessly.

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