How To Prepare Your System and Network For Cloud Dental Software Migration

January 18, 2024 | 3 min read

We’ve helped hundreds of dental offices and DSOs migrate their data to our cloud-based practice management software. Some of these projects had a rocky start because the clients were under-prepared for a cloud migration.

While a cloud dental practice management platform takes a lot of IT activities and costs off your plate, you can’t make the transition without the right equipment, system, and network capabilities. Let’s review what you need to know when updating your system and network.

System Requirements For Successful Dental Software Migration

Your hardware (e.g., computers) must be up to date to support your cloud dental software’s system requirements. 

Hardware Compatibility

Your computers should meet or exceed the minimum requirements specified by the new software for optimal performance. For example, you should have a 64-bit Intel or AMD processor in all the computers accessing the dental practice management platform.

Operating System Compatibility

All machines should run on an operating system (OS) compatible with your new software. Verify OS requirements and install updates and patches before migration. We recommend running Windows 10 Pro or Windows 11 Pro for the best results.

Memory and Storage Space

Your hardware must support the new software's memory (RAM) and storage (SSD) requirements. Computers should have at least 8GB RAM/256GB SSD and, ideally, 16GB RAM/500GB SSD. Upgrade or expand resources if your equipment’s current configurations fall short.

Peripheral Device Compatibility

Peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, and imaging equipment must be compatible with the new platform. Update drivers to the latest versions if necessary. Also, upgrade monitors to 22” or larger with 1920x1080 px display resolution for optimal user experience.

Data Backup System

You should backup all critical data before the migration. Verify that your backup solution is compatible with the new cloud dental software to ensure a seamless transition. Also, test your backup and disaster recovery protocol after migration.

Network Requirements For Successful Data Software Migration

Your internet connection is critical when you rely on a cloud-based dental practice management platform to run your DSO. Here’s what you need to know.

Bandwidth and Network Speed

Your connection must support the number of active internet-connected devices during peak hours. Consider heavy internet usage activities such as uploading and downloading large sets of radiographs or patients connecting to the network (e.g., streaming movies) while waiting for their appointments. 

“Network requirements can vary based on the number of users actively using your system in each location. For best results, use a commercial or business ISP package (rather than a residential package) with download speeds of 8-10+ Mbps per user and upload speeds of 5+ Mbps per user.”  ~ What to Expect When Switching Practice Management Systems and How to Master Your Data Migration Journey White Paper. 

Run multiple speed tests at different times of the day to determine network health and ensure the connection meets your requirements consistently, especially during peak usage times.

Network Protocols, Access, and Monitoring

When you use cloud dental software, your network is your lifeline. Check if your new software relies on specific network protocols and configure them accordingly. Also, review and update network access control lists to accommodate the new software’s communication requirements and provide users and systems with the necessary permissions.

Check remote access capabilities to ensure continuity during migration, especially if you have remote team members or multiple locations. Also, implement network monitoring tools to help identify and address issues promptly to ensure business continuity and minimize disruptions during and after the migration.

Unlock Dental Software Migration Success

Dental software migration is a complex undertaking. Besides system and network requirements, you must understand what data to migrate, prepare your staff for the transition, and perform operations optimization at every step to maximize your investment.

Download our white paper, What to Expect When Switching Practice Management Systems and How to Master Your Data Migration Journey, in which we share our from-the-trenches insights into dental software migration best practices gained from serving dental practices of all sizes for over a decade.

The Ulitimate Guide to a Hassle-free Software Migration


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