How To Increase Dental Revenue by Reengaging with Inactive Patients

May 6, 2021 | 3 min read

The average patient attrition rate is 40% in the dental industry -- no wonder many dentists are stressing out over finding new patients! Since it’s more expensive to gain a new patient than to keep an existing one, constantly chasing new patients is both exhausting and costly.

But manually tracking down inactive patients and incomplete treatments is both time-consuming and labor-intensive. That’s why many dental practices are leaving money on the table because they don’t have the resources to handle such a tedious process.

The good news is that you can tap into this treasure trove of additional revenues by using technology to automate the process. Here’s how you can uncover production opportunities and re-engage inactive patients cost-efficiently.

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Increase Dental Revenue by Re-engaging Lapsed Patients with Technology

Successful dental practices consider the entire patient care continuum and make sure that they deliver an engaging patient experience pre-, during, and post-visits. This is important because 40% of patients don’t return after their exams! If you can capture more of these patients, you’ll be able to increase your revenues without spending more on advertising.

New technologies have made it possible. Thanks to dental practice management software that brings patient EHR and communication all in one place, you can automatically look for lapsed patients and incomplete treatments, then reconnect with them cost-efficiently. 

1. Track Incomplete Treatments

Even though most dental office managers review incomplete treatments monthly or quarterly, the manual process is inefficient and labor-intensive. While some patients fall through the cracks, others are contacted too long after their last treatment, which decreases the likelihood that they’d return.

tab32’s Revenue Discovery module syncs up with the dental EHR and automatically looks for incomplete treatments in your patient records. You can design workflows to reconnect with these patients via automated email or text and send them a link to book an appointment for the incomplete treatment plans.

2. Update Patient Records

Keeping your patient records up to date not only helps minimize errors and delays when patients come to your office but also allows you to stay in touch between visits or get back onto the radar of inactive patients. Not to mention, patients who take the time to provide their information are more invested in their relationships with you and are, therefore, more likely to return.

You can streamline this process and make it easy for both your patients and staff with tab32’s online forms. Simply send a link to these secure customizable forms via text or email, and your patients can update their information at their convenience. The seamless process will help increase your response rates significantly.

3. Schedule Appointments Automatically

You should track and remind patients to schedule recall/recare. Since these visits are typically covered by insurance, patients are more likely to make their appointments. Our patient engagement module helps you send out recare reminders automatically. You can then use our Revenue Discovery feature to find additional production opportunities during their visits.

Our Revenue Discovery module can also scan patient EHRs, and identify year-end insurance leftovers. You can send out automated reminders via text or email with an online booking link so patients can schedule an appointment easily. This is a win-win situation: Your patients can optimize their insurance coverage while you increase your revenue.


Outdated paper-based processes leave many revenue opportunities on the table. They are not cost-efficient because you have to identify and contact each lapsed patient manually. The use of technology allows us to change that. 

To build a profitable dental practice, you need to step out of the constraints of inherited workflows and processes just because they have been done that way. tab32 offers an end-to-end solution that allows you to manage your dental practice all in one place with the latest technology so you can deliver an outstanding patient experience and increase profits.

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