Do You Have the Right Tech For a Dental Software Upgrade?

January 23, 2024 | 3 min read

Many cloud-based applications want you to believe that you can get everything to work seamlessly the moment you pick a plan and pay the subscription fee. But orchestrating a successful dental software migration to the cloud will take more than flipping the switch and hoping things will work out as advertised.

Before migrating our clients' databases to tab32, we ensure they have the right technology to take advantage of everything our cloud-based platform offers. Here’s what you need to know to prepare for a dental software upgrade.

Assess Hardware and Software Compatibility

Your hardware is the backbone that supports your software upgrade. Check your new platform’s minimum specifications and see if your computers and equipment meet the requirements. Insufficient processing power, memory, or storage can lead to sluggish performance, preventing you from maximizing your investment. 

See if the operating systems (OSs) running on your devices can support the software. It’s best to upgrade them to the latest versions to leverage the full spectrum of functionalities and security features available through the dental software vendor.

Verify that the dental practice management software supports your existing imaging equipment, like intraoral cameras and digital radiography. Also, check if the platform is compatible with your database systems. If you need to upgrade or migrate your database, plan the transition carefully to prevent data loss or corruption.

Check Connectivity and Security

Your network must provide adequate bandwidth to handle the increased data traffic associated with implementing a cloud solution. Otherwise, you could experience latency, poor performance, disruptions, downtimes, and user frustration. 

Measure your internet connection speed, especially during peak usage times, to see if you need to upgrade your network infrastructure to ensure optimal connectivity. A fast and reliable internet connection is imperative for seamless data synchronization and real-time collaboration among teams in different locations.

Meanwhile, network security should be your top priority when handling sensitive patient and payment information and ensuring compliance with industry regulations (e.g., HIPAA). While a cloud dental software provider offers many advanced security features, you must ensure your firewall and network security settings align with the dental software’s requirements.

If your distributed team members rely on virtual private network (VPN) connections or remote access, ensure these technologies are compatible with your cloud dental software. Optimize your VPN configurations to support secure and seamless access to your cloud-based PMS solution.

Practical Steps To Ensure a Smooth Cloud Dental Software Upgrade

After ensuring your system and network are ready for a cloud dental software migration, follow these steps to put the pieces together for a smooth transition:

  • Conduct a comprehensive audit of your technology infrastructure to identify areas that require adjustments and implement a plan to address them before starting your upgrade and migration project.
  • Antiplate challenges that may arise during the transition and develop contingency plans to address them. These include data backup procedures, rollback options, data loss prevention, and measures for mitigating disruptions to ensure business continuity.
  • Collaborate with your cloud dental software provider to optimize your environment for integration. For example, we work closely with our clients to ensure they transfer their data and workflows securely and seamlessly to our platform.
  • Prepare your team for the transition by providing training programs. tab32 offers training resources to help your team use our platform efficiently. Download our white paper on cloud dental software migration to learn about staff preparation.
  • While reputable cloud dental practice management platforms offer robust security measures and are HIPAA-compliant, you’re still responsible for ensuring all your workflows comply with industry-specific regulations and data governance standards.

Get Your IT Ducks in a Row For a Successful Cloud Dental Software Migration

There is a lot to consider when migrating your data and workflows to a new dental practice management platform in today’s complex technology landscape. But it isn’t just about powerful computers and fast internet connections — successful tech implementation also requires adequate staff preparation and effective operations optimizations.

Download our white paper, What to Expect When Switching Practice Management Systems and How to Master Your Data Migration Journey, in which we share our from-the-trenches insights into dental software migration best practices gained from serving dental practices of all sizes for over a decade.

The Ultimate Guide to a Hassle Free Dental Software Migration

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