Data Science Technology is Here to Take Your DSO Out of the Dark Ages

Melissa LuVisi
November 26, 2020 | 2 min read

At the DEO Virtual Fall Summit this year, tab32 announced the release of the industry's first Open Data WarehouseTM (ODWTM) and SQL Analytics features in the cloud; a new service that makes it easier for Enterprise DSOs to run their standard SQL queries directly on data lakes. This allows for the use of data science to analyze large data sets and determine better business and clinical care outcomes. 

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Why is this important? Many DSOs that are at 10+ locations, especially those in the 40-80 location range, are hiring entire in-house IT teams dedicated to writing SQL queries for their reporting and server maintenance. A lot of practices we are talking to or have started to migrate are hosting their own Dentrix and/or Opendental in the cloud. 

We are talking budgets of a million dollars or more a year just to maintain VPN systems that aren't working and crash often...They also are struggling to maintain the hardware and capture the insights they need to run at such a scale. We’ve  allowed DSOs to access their own data instead of spending capital on maintaining outdated technology solutions. Data science technology can transform that capital into a strategy for growth.

This is the 2nd phase of a technological disruption within the industry. Phase 1 is getting the data out of an aging server onto a complete platform. The tab32 platform has data points tracking the entire patient journey.  Patient communication, clinical trends, radiology, billing behavior can now all be queried giving practices insights we haven’t even imagined yet.   

These features will be fully integrated with tab32’s already existing cloud dental practice management and electronic health records software. tab32 products sit on Google's truly cloud-based infrastructure and are developed within Google’s technology stack.

As technology leaders, tab32 has introduced several first-to-market innovations for the dental industry. Learn more about this release, here. tab32 is the industry's #1 patient-first cloud dental software and will continue to break barriers to move the dental industry forward!

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