8 Common Misconceptions About Cloud Dental Software

November 6, 2020 | 4 min read

Have you noticed that many dental offices are going paperless and communicating with their patients digitally? That’s right, more and more dentists are now using cloud dental practice management software to streamline workflows, increase cost-efficiency, and improve the patient experience.

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If you have been on the fence and think that cloud dental software may not be right for your practice -- you could be very wrong! We work closely with many dentists and realize that some of them are held back by misconceptions about the technology.

8 Common Misconceptions About Cloud Dental Software

Are these myths about cloud dental practice management software preventing you from adopting the latest technology to improve your dental practice revenue?

1. “The Internet Isn’t Safe. The Files Are Safer In My Office”

When you use cloud dental software from a reputable vendor that adheres to the latest cybersecurity protocols and HIPAA regulations, your data is safe. You don’t have to worry about stray paperwork or the liabilities associated with stolen files.

2. “There are More Outages Because the Internet Goes Out”

When you use a provider with redundant infrastructure, as well as a comprehensive backup and recovery plan, there’s minimal risk of losing your data. In fact, most cloud computing platforms can deliver a 99.9% uptime, protecting you against the high cost of downtime.

3. “It Hasn’t Been Around Long Enough So It Won’t Have the Features I Need”

Cloud dental software offers many functions that manual processes can’t match. You can access a variety of features, including dental EHR, imaging studio, patient engagement tools, analytics software, membership plan, and teledentistry tools all through an integrated interface.

4. “All Cloud Technology Used For Dental Software Is the Same”

There are many different cloud computing platforms and they vary in terms of security, scalability, reliability, integration, and more. A reputable provider builds its cloud dental software on a trusted platform to ensure uninterrupted service and a seamless user experience.

5. “I need Third-Party Vendors To Get All the Features I Need to Run a Dental Practice”

When you choose a cloud dental software with all the features designed for today’s dental practices, it requires only minimal setup and integration to get up and running. All you need are the existing devices you already use to access the internet and you’ll have a plug-and-play experience.

6. “Modern Y2k Will Happen And the Internet Will Cease To Exist”

It’s highly unlikely that the internet can be universally shut down because its infrastructure consists of many redundant connections. Internet traffic is resilient and can dynamically reroute to maintain connectivity. 

7. “It's Too Different From Server-based Software And It’ll Be Too Hard To Learn”

Modern cloud dental practice management platforms are easy-to-use. The interface resembles many online tools that people already use in their everyday lives. Your vendor will provide assistance to help you configure the platform to make sure it meets your needs.

8. “My Dental Patients Won't Want To Use Online Features”

68% of patients say that they’re more likely to choose a healthcare provider that offers the ability to manage their appointments online. Meanwhile, a growing number of consumers prefer to pay their bills online. In fact, most people expect healthcare providers to offer online features that can streamline the patient experience. 

Use Cloud Dental Software To Stay Relevant and Competitive

Cloud computing has come a long way and most drawbacks that you might encounter in the early days are no longer an issue. If you have been deterred by these misconceptions about cloud dental software, it’s time to reevaluate your options and talk to a reputable provider who can address your concerns.

tab32 is a modern cloud dental software designed for today’s dental practices. Built on a trusted cloud computing platform and integrating multiple features such as practice management, dental EHR, image studio, billing, patient communication tools, membership plan, teledentistry module, and more -- it gives you a new and better way to deliver care experiences pre-, during, and post-visit.

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