6 Ways Dental Technology Vendors Can Unlock New Revenue Streams

October 26, 2023 | 3 min read

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are essential for any software developer’s toolkit. It allows you to incorporate new features into your solution without reinventing the wheel.

But APIs aren’t just handy in simplifying the development process or shortening time to market. They can also help dental software vendors unlock revenue opportunities when used strategically. This article explores how you can use APIs to grow your customer base, enhance your offerings, and tap into new markets. 

How To Use APIs To Unlock Revenue Opportunities

Here’s  how you can leverage APIs to create ecosystems and unlock new revenue streams:

Offer Flexible Subscription-Based Services

Many dental practices have limited IT budgets and fluctuating volumes. They seek solutions that can enable them to control their spending and minimize upfront capital investments. Most APIs’ pricing structure makes it easy for software vendors to offer subscription-based services or usage-based pricing models to provide a scalable solution that meets customers’ needs. 

Leverage Data Analytics For Added Insights

APIs allow you to extend your feature set — which also gives you access to more customer data. You can analyze the information to gain additional usage insights. They can help you optimize your offerings to attract new users, identify upsell or cross-sell opportunities to increase customer lifetime value, and understand churn risks to improve customer retention.

Integrate With Complementary Products or Services

APIs allow you to integrate with other vendors and healthcare systems that complement your offerings to build a robust ecosystem. For example, bundled solutions create synergistic relationships that give you exposure to your partners’ customer base while allowing you to expand your product portfolio and revenue opportunities.

6 API Integration Opportunities For Dental Software Vendors

Everything is connected in today’s digital world, and the sky's the limit when you tap into the power of APIs. These examples show how to expand your revenue opportunities with APIs:

1. Sync With Electronic Health Record (EHR) Platforms

Integrate your software with an EHR platform to sync patient information in real time and use the data to help your customers streamline processes or deliver personalized communications and services. For example, you can connect EHRs with a patient communication application to send post-treatment care instructions or re-care reminders.

2. Integrate Imaging and Diagnostic Systems

Connect your solution with imaging and diagnostic systems such as intraoral scanners, 3D printers, and radiography software to incorporate advanced imaging capabilities while helping your customers streamline workflows and improve diagnostic accuracy.

3. Partner with Dental Laboratories and Suppliers

Integrate with laboratory management systems and dental suppliers to streamline ordering, tracking, and fulfillment of dental restorations and supplies. Besides helping your customers simplify administrative processes, you can create opportunities for revenue-sharing models, referral programs, or value-added services.

4. Expand Into Teledentistry

Incorporate a teledentistry component into your solution to help customers grow their patient base by delivering care remotely. You can generate revenue through a subscription model, per consultation fees, or licensing agreement without developing the unified communication capabilities from scratch. 

5. Develop Mobile Applications

Create mobile applications and patient engagement tools to deliver a seamless omnichannel patient experience and increase accessibility. For example, APIs for an imaging platform or charting tool allow customers to use your application via mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets for added mobility and convenience — setting your solution apart.

6. Add Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Capabilities

Your solution is likely collecting a lot of patient data, so why not help your customers leverage them to gain business insights? But developing robust analytics capabilities with AI and ML technologies is resource-intensive. Using an API, you can add data warehouse and analytics components to your solution with minimum effort to deliver tremendous value.

Finding the Right APIs For Your Dental Software

Dental technology vendors must address the industry’s unique requirements. As such, you should partner with a reputable API provider experienced in developing solutions for the sector. Additionally, your APIs must be HIPAA-compliant to protect your interest and customers’ data.

tab32’s API allows you to integrate our robust, HIPAA-compliant features into your solutions cost-effectively. These include patient communication, dental charting and imaging, online scheduling, data analytics, and more to augment your applications. 

We have years of experience providing robust dental practice management capabilities to practices of all sizes. We specifically design these features to help dental offices optimize workflows and meet patient expectations.

Get in touch to see how our APIs can deliver the dental industry’s most comprehensive feature set to augment your solution and open new revenue opportunities.

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