Digitizing your dental practice is key to meeting patient expectations and staying competitive, but the expenses can be overwhelming. From purchasing equipment to hiring an IT team, implementing dental practice management software can have a significant impact on your operating cost.

The good news is that there are more ways to save money on dental software than before, so you can lower expenses while increasing visibility into your budget. Here are a few ways to start saving without compromising cost-efficiency or impacting patient experience. 

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Learn more now!1. Don’t Buy a Server

Did you know that the average cost of installing a new server is $20,000 while maintenance and security could run anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 per year? If a server breaks down, you’ll also have to incur the surprise expense that’d throw a monkey wrench into your budget.

Instead of buying and maintaining a server, use a cloud-based platform. Not only are you saving on the hardware but you can also lower ongoing IT cost since you don’t have to worry about security or software updates.

For example, tab32 is built on the Google infrastructure, so the platform is protected by Google’s security protocols, as well as our own team of security experts. You also don’t have to worry about regulatory compliances (e.g., HIPAA) because we’ll make sure that our platform is up-to-date at all times.

2. Avoid Third-Party Vendors

Using applications that require third-party vendors to implement and maintain can get expensive due to the vendors’ fees.


Instead of purchasing third-party vendor software to stitch together multiple point tools, which is a cumbersome and costly process, use an all-in-one cloud dental software that has patient communication, claim processing, x-ray image studio, teledentistry, and more fully embedded into the EHR.

tab32 offers an integrated dashboard from which you can access everything you need to run your dental practice. You don’t have to purchase a third-party service provider to integrate different software or pay ongoing maintenance fees. 

3. Use a Tablet Leasing Program

Purchasing computers for all your employees can get costly. Besides the initial investment, you also have to worry about ongoing maintenance and replacement costs. Instead, you can take advantage of the many tablet leasing programs offered by providers, such as Apple, to lower your overhead.

These programs allow you to access the latest equipment at a lower price. Instead of buying the tablets, you can upgrade to the newest model every year. When you use cloud-based dental software, such as tab32, your staff can access the dental practice management platform via these tablets from anywhere inside or outside the office without being chained to a desk.

These tablets can also be used for patient intake and communication. Patients can fill out e-forms at your office and the information is synced right to your system without manual entry. You can also use tablets to share x-ray images from the Imaging Studio module to educate patients and create better care outcomes.  

Lower Your Dental Practice IT Cost With tab32

To save money on your dental software, select a platform that is cloud-based and offers an all-in-one experience by integrating EHR, patient communications, imaging studio, revenue discovery, billing, membership plan, teledentistry, and more into a single interface.

tab32 is designed for today’s dental practices to help them improve cost-efficiency and deliver a modern patient experience. It allows you to spend less time and money on IT, so you can focus your resources on serving your patients and growing your practice.

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