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Access EHR from any Smart Phone - truly any device anywhere

by Press Release, on April 30, 2018

Sacramento, CA: tab32 announces a phone accessible version of its Dental EHR software. The EHR software can now be accessed from any smart phone like iPhone, Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy. The EHR uses a highly responsive web interface designed to provide an intuitive user experience.

Earlier versions of the EHR software were accessible using tablets. Our latest release streamlines access on smaller devices such as smart phones. It addresses the key issue of allowing providers to attend to patients' emergency needs while traveling and not having a computer or tablet handy. Moreover, providers of group practices and/or multi-location practices can easily access and manage their daily schedule along with the other obvious benefits of having the EHR at their finger tips. The new version is available to all paid subscribers of the software. 

tab32 is the industry's first Complete Cloud based dental EHR Platform.


Screenshots from iPhone

EHR_DashboardEHR_Patient_ProfilePatient Chart