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Top 5 Tips for Better Dental Website Design

In today’s world, where looks matter, having an ordinary website will serve no purpose to attract new patients. Research shows 94% of the individuals do not trust the brand whose website is not great.

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The Importance of Mobile, Online Dental Software in Dentistry

Are you looking to improve your dental service by making it more easily accessible and affordable to you and your patients? Do you want an effective alternative to manage all your important data in a safe and convenient place? Then mobile based dental service is one of your best options.

Combined with cutting-edge cloud technology, it can play a significant role in your dental practice. Cloud Dental Software solutions can help you manage your services more efficiently. They also help you communicate with your patients better and offer a more cost-effective solution to the traditional dental practice.

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How Cloud Technology is Disrupting the Dental Industry

The emergence of cloud technology has transformed businesses across many sectors, and the dental industry is no exception.

With the advancements in technology, it is becoming critical for dentists to move with the times and reap the benefits, and using cloud based dental software is proving to be essential for taking their practices to the next level.

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Key Dental KPI for a Profitable Practice

What's the most important KPI for your dental practice? What are the numbers and figures you should be tracking to grow your practice and your bottom line? Let's be honest, you didn't get into dentistry to give all that hard work away for free. You're here to build a business, create jobs, and give back to the community. You can't do those things if your business isn't succeeding. At tab32, we've created a dashboard to help you track your KPIs from anywhere you are. Let's take a look:

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Evolution of Dental Practice Management Software: What Cloud Really Means

What cell phone are you using now? While there may be a few of us clinging to the simplicity of flip phones, most have moved on from that dated technology. Are you using the flip phone of dental office software?

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Using the Right Tools for Productivity and Profitability

Are you using the right tool for the job? When it comes to treating patients, we doubt you're just "making it work" with the wrong tools. You have your tools for each specific task, and those do the best job—giving you the results you're after.

Running your practice is no different. You need the right tools (and people) to ensure each task is completed efficiently. When you have the right tools at your disposal, your practice is productive and profitable.

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How Much is Patient Loyalty Worth to Your Dental Practice?

When it comes to marketing and patient acquisition, finding out the costs associated and value of each patient is key to each practice. You'll need to drill down in your numbers to find out what each patient is bringing in and how much it cost to get them in the door. The tab32 dashboard makes it easy to access these numbers, but if you haven't started your practice yet, or you're brand new, it's impossible to grasp this data.

What we know, after years of building our cloud-based dental software and working with dentists is that the worth of your patient loyalty (and the effort you needs to put into building that loyalty) cannot be overstated, or underestimated. It is only to your detriment to ignore these key pieces of information. 

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5 Ways to Keep Your Staff on Track

In our last post, we talked about the importance of having a clearly defined mission, vision, and values for your practice. Even if you've been in business for several years, your practice will benefit from this exercise. Practices with an overall vision that is shared by the staff are more successful than those without overarching goals. This is true for any business, dentistry is no different.

But what happens when you share the mission and vision with your staff, but things aren't working? And how can you tell if your practice is straying (minorly or majorly) from these overarching, driving principles? You must be able to identify that your practice is getting off track. Here are a few symptoms:

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Staff is the Keystone of Your Dental Practice

The size of your practice doesn't matter when it comes to your staff. They are the keystone of your practice and will be the make it or break it  point  for your success. When it comes to staffing, you can't take anything for granted: from hiring to exit interviews, there's work to do to ensure the people your patients interface with are those who will grow your practice.

How can you ensure your staff carries out your vision for the practice? What are the best ways to empower them to do so? Here's a quick look at each phase of the staffing process and the key takeaways:

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How to Keep Your Dental Practice Startup Costs Down

When you are starting out to launch your new practice, banks will be there offering you LOTS of money. The average cost (according to Bank of America) of a new dental practice is upwards of $450,000! They know that dental practices are a great investment and that they will make more money if they can get you to take a bigger loan. What they don't know is that you're smarter than that! You want to be profitable sooner, and spend less money paying the interest on your loan. While you can't completely eliminate your startup costs, you can be mindful of how and where you spend your money. Being frugal in your startup costs means less money paid to the bank and more in your pocket or to reinvest in the practice.

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