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Image Cloud: Advanced Imaging Capabilities Without the Costly Overhaul

August 18, 2022 | 3 min read

While recovering from the impact of the pandemic, many dental practices have switched to a cost-saving mode to maintain their financial health during this uncertain time.

Even though managing your expenses is critical, you don’t want to cut down on spending that could impact the quality of care or your future growth.

So what should you cut, and what should you keep?

When looking at your budget, you’d likely see that many expenses are associated with technologies. That’s not surprising—using the right equipment and software is the key to delivering effective treatments and retaining more patients.

But are all the software and tools meeting your needs? Are you paying for capacities you’re not using? Can you consolidate them to reduce operating costs? Can you make upgrades to stay current without the expense of overhauling your existing hardware?

It’s time to examine your tech stack and optimize your spending.

How To Optimize Your Dental Practice’s Technology Spending

Here’s how to decide what platforms to invest in and what tools you can cut to get the most of your budget:

Replace On-premise Software

On-premise solutions come with a lot of expenses. You need to hire an in-house team to maintain your IT infrastructure, purchase hardware to store files, and update the software to ensure regulatory compliance. That’s why more practices are using cloud dental software to access the latest functionalities without the high cost of ownership.

Lower Image File Storage Costs

Going digital helps streamline workflow and increase cost-efficiency. But storing large image files with an on-premise solution means you must purchase servers, rent the space to house them, and hire a team to maintain them. A cloud storage solution allows you to lower storage costs and increase scalability, so you don’t have to pay for excess capacity before you need it.

Invest in Essential Capabilities

Many practices waste money on bright shiny objects because they confuse must-haves with nice-to-haves. Meanwhile, others use platforms with too many bells and whistles so they pay for functionalities they don’t need.  To spend your resources wisely, identify essential capabilities and invest in best-in-class, specialized solutions to get the features you need at a reasonable cost.

Don’t Throw the Baby Out With the Bath Water

Adding new capabilities doesn’t mean overhauling your equipment and hardware. Look for solutions that can plug right into your current system and equipment, such as X-Ray sensors and camera hardware, so you can start leveraging the latest technologies immediately without a large capital investment to purchase compatible hardware.

tab32 Image Cloud: Small Investment, Big Impact

We recently announced the launch of Image Cloud to meet our dental community's needs. This new product leverages tab32’s trusted cloud capabilities to deliver best-of-breed image management functionalities..

Dental practices and DSOs can take advantage of this cloud solution without time-consuming onboarding and technological migration because it’s designed from the ground up as a standalone application. It gives all dental businesses an easy and cost-effective way to leverage cloud technologies to support an essential function—dental imaging.

Forget about on-premise storage solutions that require a substantial capital investment and ongoing maintenance. Image Cloud gives you the flexibility and scalability you expect from tab32’s flagship cloud dental practice management platform, which is used by the country’s leading DSOs to manage over 100 million radiology X-rays and deliver high-quality care to 9 million patients. 

This affordable imaging solution is anything but a compromise. You can easily rotate, zoom, mirror, sharpen, annotate, and edit the images to identify the appropriate care protocols, share notes with other dental caregivers, and communicate with your patients. You can also interpret dental images and understand abnormalities with the built-in measurement tools.

Most importantly, this plug-and-play solution works with all practice management systems, X-Ray sensors, and camera hardware. You don’t have to purchase anything besides access to Image Cloud to get up and running.

You can sign up and install Image Cloud in just a few clicks—without worrying about compatibility issues with existing software or spending a fortune on new equipment. All locations can access the image files in real-time, even if they use incompatible legacy practice management tools.

Discover more about Image Cloud, and start using this revolutionary tool with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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