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More consumers are demanding self-service features from their service providers -- and it’s no different when it comes to booking dental visits. 

In fact, a survey found that 42% of patients prefer to schedule an appointment online instead of doing so by phone. Yet, only 17% of practices offer this option, presenting a great opportunity for you to set your business apart.

Offering online scheduling can make your practice more accessible and help capture opportunities that you’d otherwise miss (e.g., with off-hour booking) if patients have to call your office at specific times to set up appointments.

Also, your staff will be spending much less time on the phone scheduling patient visits so they can be freed up to focus on revenue-generating activities.

In addition, 26% of patients that use online booking choose same-day or next-day appointments. This gives you the opportunity to fill up empty slots on your schedule so you can improve productivity and increase profit with no additional cost.

Here’s how to increase booking and improve the patient experience with an online scheduling system, such as tab32’s HelloPatient platform:

  • Drive high-quality traffic with online ads, SEO strategies, and social media marketing to your online scheduling tool.
  • Include a persistent call-to-action (e.g., in the header area) that links to the online scheduling tool on your website so visitors can easily book time with you.
  • Ensure that the appointment booking page is mobile-optimized as most consumers search for local businesses on their smartphones. A mobile-optimized interface delivers a seamless experience and helps increase conversion.
  • Send out automated appointment confirmation and reminders via text or email to increase patient engagement and minimize cancelations. You can also incentivize patients to pre-pay for their visits when they book online to reduce no-shows.
  • Reduce wait time and streamline workflows by including a link to your intake form in the appointment confirmation and reminder messages so patients can fill out the required paperwork prior to their visits.
  • Customize the menu on your online booking page to accurately reflect your services so patients can choose the right options. For example, you can use categories such as cleaning/checkup, emergency visits, free consultation, and second opinion to make sure you’re allocating the right amount of time and resources to each appointment.
  • Provide a field on the online booking form in which patients can enter notes about their conditions. This can alleviate their anxiety while helping you better prepare for the visits.
  • Use an all-in-one dental practice management platform that seamlessly integrates scheduling, dental EHR, billing, and payment processing. This can help deliver a seamless patient experience and streamline your workflow while reducing errors and delays so you can get paid faster.
  • Include the link to your online booking tools in patient communications, such as newsletters, re-care or follow-up reminders, patient statements, etc. This will not only make it easy for patients to schedule a visit but also drastically reduce the time your staff spends on administrative tasks.
  • Make it easy for other dentists to refer patients to you by sharing a customized short link or QR code to your online booking tool. This will encourage collaboration and increase your exposure to potential patients.
  • Leverage the analytics and reporting features in your online booking tools to understand patient preferences and behaviors so you can adapt your services to meet their needs.

How To Select the Best Online Scheduling Software For Your Dental Practice

Using the right online booking tool allows you to leverage the latest technologies to improve the patient experience. Here’s what you should consider when choosing the best platform for your practice:

  • Implement a platform developed by experts who are experienced in working with dentists and understand the specific needs of the dental industry.
  • Leverage cloud-based software so you can access the latest upgrades and innovative technologies without a high IT cost.
  • Use a provider that meets HIPAA regulations to protect your patients’ information and ensure compliance at all times to avoid hefty fines.
  • Choose an application that integrates seamlessly with your other systems (e.g., billing, EHR) so you can streamline workflow and minimize errors or delays. 
  • Use an all-in-one dental practice management platform, such as tab32, to manage both patient-facing and back-office activities within a unified interface to improve efficiency.

Your online presence is your storefront. It not only makes the first impression but also determines whether a potential patient will schedule her first visit. A seamless online booking experience is the key to increasing patient acquisition and retention.

See how you can get more bookings and manage your patient relationships cost-effectively with our patient-first, all-in-one dental practice management platform here.

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