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Is Your Dental Practice Software a Time Sucker or a Time Saver?

One of the things you're undoubtedly looking for in your dental practice software is something smooth and efficient—a tool that makes your job easier. So often, we see software that isn't a tool to make things easier, it makes things harder! Instead of working with an instinctive flow that fits into your office's day to day tasks, it's clunky, hard to use, and ends up requiring changes to the way you are doing things.

Let's look at a few ways software can sneakily suck your time if you aren't looking out for it:

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Choosing the Right Cloud-Based EHR for Your Dental Practice

If you're researching EHR for your new dental practice, there's no doubt you have questions about choosing the right option. Hopefully, you've already settled on a cloud-based solution as a better option for your practice than an on-site EHR management. (We've covered why you want cloud-based EHR in a previous post.) Here are a few factors to consider as you look for a cloud EHR for your practice:

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Maximize Your Production with the Right Dental Software

In a previous post, we covered some of the key things your dental practice software should do. One of the key things we danced around but didn't mention specifically was how the right software will maximize your production. This directly translates to the bottom line of your practice, and likely your job satisfaction as well.

A lot of the benefits to your production come from the ways the right software streamlines processes in your office—making it easier and less time consuming to bill , chart, and communicate with your patients.

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Why Your Practice Needs tab32's Cloud-Based EHR

At tab32, we're so sure you need our cloud-based EHR system for your dental practice, we want you to have it. Our software combines the best features all on a cloud-based platform to give you access to the patient records you need to give great service and grow your practice.

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5 Things Your Dental Practice Management Software Should Do

When shopping around for dental practice management software, there are a lot of features and options you're considering. We've talked a lot on this blog specifically about the benefits of cloud-based dental software, but what about other features and benefits? Let's look at some of the broad strokes for how practice management software should impact your office every day:

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What You Should Know about HIPAA Compliance and the Cloud

For many dentists (and other healthcare providers) ensuring your patient data is HIPAA compliant can cause worry and concern. This isn't a new issue: historically, healthcare providers (dentists included) have shied away from using cloud-based software due to security and HIPAA compliance concerns. The good news is that newer software providers are creating HIPAA compliant solutions for patient data. When it's time for you to select a software for your new dental practice, there's no reason to not give cloud-based practice software a thorough look. Here are a few reasons why.

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How to Streamline Your Dental Practice Processes and Software

To maximize your time and the time your patients spend in your office, you have to create and implement processes. Not only does this save time, it improves patient experience and prevents errors. There are a number of ways to go about making these processes, so let's cover a few areas that need processes and talk about how cloud-based dental software should support those processes and improve them.

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Why You'll Love Cloud-Based Dental Practice Software

You have a number of options when it comes to dental practice software and you'll have to decide what works best for you, your practice, and your lifestyle. Between traditional, on-site systems with servers in your office and cloud-based systems that keep your data off-site, there are a number of vendors available.

In previous posts, we've talked a lot about the benefits of  cloud-based  dental software. Until now, we've focused a lot on features, but not on how that will impact your life and how you run your practice.

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How Cloud EHR Protects Your Patients and Your Practice

In our last few posts, we've talked a bit about cloud security and the benefits of cloud-based dental software. We chose the cloud for our dental practice management software for a number of reasons, from saving money to convenience, cybersecurity to patient retention, the cloud makes running your new dental practice easier.

Let's talk about how utilizing cloud-based EHR protects your patients and your practice.

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