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Dental Practice Basics: Backup is Important, but Cloud is Better

It seems like when you're starting out in a new dental practice, there are millions of things to know, do, and keep track of. Protecting your data should be a high priority for your practice right at the start. Recent current events should show that a secure data system and a reliable backup system is paramount to the success of your business.

60% of SMBs that lose their data will shut down within six months. ( Source)
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3 Ways the Right Practice Software Builds Patient Loyalty

We've talked quite a bit about patient loyalty, but today we want to focus in on how the right dental practice software can help you start your practice off with strong patient relationships from the get-go. When you start your practice, building good relationships with your patients is key to the success and longevity of your business. Having the right tool at your fingertips will make cultivating these relationships even easier.

At tab32, we've given significant thought to the kinds of features you and your staff need to not only give great customer service, but to keep communication lines open and make the patient experience smooth from initial appointment to online history forms, EHR, insurance billing, and even follow-up reminders. Let's dig in a little further:

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How Online History Forms Improve Your Dental Practice

Is your dental practice still using paper history forms for new patients? Are you starting a new dental practice and wondering the best way to accept these forms and keep that information safe? Though they are the old standard, Not only are these paper forms labor intensive for you and your team, but they are incredibly insecure.

Online history forms are beneficial to your practice in a number of ways, let's look at a few:

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How to Improve Communication with Your Patients

In our last post, we talked about the value of each patient and how much it can be worth to your bottom line to keep all those hard-earned patients. One of the ways to ensure you keep patients is clear, consistent communication. Fortunately, communication these days can consist of a range of methods—from text messages to email, phone calls to mailers so your practice can reach patients in the most effective way. The flip side of that, though, is finding the right method, the right message, and the right frequency.

At tab32, patient communication is really important to us. That's why we've developed the range of features in hello patient. We want it to be easy for you to keep those lines of communication open. But we can't do all the work for you, you'll have to do a little legwork and thinking on your own. Here's where to start:

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