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The #1 Metric for Practice Success

What is the #1 metric for practice success? When we talk to dentists about their practice they are often concerned because they have no real feel for their data. Usually they have gone to a seminar or talked to a consultant and have heard about all the varied reports they should be running to monitor their practice. In reality 80% of practices never run these reports. Most have no real idea how they are really doing. As long as they can make payroll on the first and fifteenth of the month all’s well.

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Turn your practice into a Brand with Video

Brands evoke feelings in the minds of consumers. If I say tab32, I hope you think of free cloud based dental software. When done right, this brand loyalty causes customers to choose you over the competition. A good brand identity will tell your customers who you are, what you do, and how you do it. Loyalty will make people drive farther, pay more, wait longer, tell others about your services. How do you communicate your brand and how do you get people to think of you first when looking for dental care?

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New Product Review: Improve Office Communications with the Cloud based dental software

 Cloud based dental software is all the rage these days due to its efficiency, safety and low cost. Aiming to help improve communication within the busy practice, AllProWebTools combines multiple business management tools into one. This company looks to address some of the office needs such as Web hosting, ecommerce, client databases, marketing tools, accounting, time cards by making all these available in one dashboard. All of this information gets posted into a live feed timeline so everyone in the office is up to date.

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Send a text to confirm patient appointments

Everyone loves texting, and not just while they’re driving! Text messaging is the preferred method to confirm an appointment. tab32 allows easy and automatic text confirmations for all your appointmets. You can also choose auto emails and can specify when the text/emails will be sent out. All with the click of a single button.

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New Product Review: Bring your customer appreciation to your patients smart phone


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